Andrew Ishee’s IS300

Andrew Ishee’s IS300

April 30, 2012 Off By Josh

Prosperity — the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and/or successful social status.

One can measure friendship by the weight they hold in your life; a ride home from the bar when you’d had one too many, a helping hand when you move, how cool your car is.. wait, wait, wait, who put that in there? All in good humor, but more importantly, friends are those who drive you – whether it be to build your car the way you’ve always wanted it, or even just to get through the end of a tough week.

Prosperity is a common goal to many in today’s society; for the most part, everyone wants to be thought of as a good person, who is doing well in life. How many times have you seen someone you know buying something they can’t afford and probably don’t really need, just to be someone they aren’t?
On the same token, prosperity can be attained at the low cost of being a good friend.

Cue Andrew Ishee.

Andrew is a friend, not just to me, but to all. He is who he is.

Long days at his family’s restaurant, the world renowned Broadway Pizza, leave Andrew limited time to spend with his fiancé, Molly and even less to his first love, his IS300 (Molly’s probably going to hurt me for that one…).
Even with such little time, he’s made great progress with his car.

Now on his 2nd IS300, after his first Spectra Blue Mica caught fire and left him walking, as he searched for another, Andrew has taken a different approach with this one. Currently on Megan Racing coil-overs and 18×7.5″ BBS RK’s, he can’t leave it very well alone. Quite a few changes are in store for the near future, but don’t expect us to spill the beans. All we’ll tell you is that it’s motorsport inspired and its far from what you’d expect.

When not working on his car or tied up with honey-do’s, Andrew can be found kickin’ it with friends, often helping with their cars and usually showing up with some of that awesome Broadway Pizza, make sure to try the BBQ chicken & pineapple!!!

Andrew and I live in a city that its extremely tough to have nice things. If its not the pot holes and poor road repair by TDOT, its the careless drivers or children throwing things at cars. If you voice your complaint, their response is often to the effect of ‘OMG Chill out, its JUST a car!!’
These things can be a heavy deterrent when considering spending thousands of dollars on something you drive every day.
That being said, it can be the drive of a good friend that is needed to counter one’s discouragement.

As we grow older, we learn to make better decisions in life and to see the values in those around us, and respect them for those values and decisions.
Be sure your decisions are respectful of others and aren’t a deterrent for your friend’s enthusiasm. Otherwise, even though you call them friend, they may not call you the same…

Thanks for the drive Andrew.