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August 16, 2018 0

Wet Detail | Cadillac

By Josh

Josh at Wet Detail and I have grown our businesses alongside one another for the last 10 years. Seeing his…

August 5, 2014 0

The Ultimate CRZ | Ashli’s CRZ for Lowered Lifestyle

By Josh

For each of us, our automotive enthusiasm is born in its own way. Some have family history that lands them in the mix, with grease under their fingernails before they can hold a pencil. Others find their way in with the comradery of fellow enthusiasts. My mentality when it comes to automotive enthusiasm is, and has always been, “if it’s clean, you have my respect, even if it’s not my style”.

September 9, 2013 0

No Trophy Needed | Erin Bowman’s Masterpeice

By Josh

Rather than worry about the coolkid scenepoints, Erin and her husband, Richard, built this piece of Volkswagen perfection specifically to their liking, no Vortex approval necessary.
Here’s our write up on Erin’s Fahrenheit GTI.

January 26, 2013 0

Vietmin’s Lancer

By Josh

To close out the summer, we gave away a free detail to the contestant that submitted the best write up…

May 11, 2012 0

24k – S&P Originals

By Josh

Sal Robertson, co-owner of S&P Automotive, bought this car a little over a year ago. Having owned and built a…

April 30, 2012 0

Andrew Ishee’s IS300

By Josh

One can measure friendship by the weight they hold in your life; a ride home from the bar when you’d had one too many, a helping hand when you move, how cool your car is.. wait, wait, wait, who put that in there? All in good humor, but more importantly, friends are those who drive you – whether it be to build your car the way you’ve always wanted it, or even just to get through the end of a tough week.

Andrew is a friend. Have a look at not only what he drives daily, but what drives him, daily.