Southern Worthersee 2013

Southern Worthersee 2013

September 10, 2013 Off By Josh

Having been to Southern Worthersee every year since its beginning, I’ve seen its immense growth in what seems like a short time, has been the better part of a decade. For a few of those years, I covered the event by producing videos that pushed me further and further into automotive photojournalism and videography, as a hobby of course. I don’t claim to be a professional writer, videographer or photographer, but each year as Southern Worthersee, or SoWo as it’s come to be known as, has rolled around, I found myself swamped with either planning to film the event, planning our statewide caravan to the event (the Goofball Rally) via, planning private shoots during the event, etc. A weekend out of town to check out Volkswagens and enjoy the company of friends quickly turned into work.

After my last film on the event in 2010, life outside of the automotive world was speeding up quite a bit for me. So, I decided to sit out on event coverage for most of 2011. Since everyone and their brother was jumping onto the ‘I can video everything with my go-pro and point & shoot’ bandwagon, when SoWo 2012 rolled around, I didn’t quite have the motivation to spend the entire weekend lugging a camera across the new show site, not to mention if memory serves, May 2012 was much hotter than years past.

Fast forward to 2013.

Planning for SoWo this year began early on, with designing the magnet and flier for the Goofball and planning the itinerary, arranging police escorts at certain stops and finding places large enough to accommodate a huge group of cars. Our participation in previous years exceeded well over 100 cars, even though only about 50 were registered. Like many events held in resort towns, SoWo began seeing enthusiasts arrive earlier and earlier each year. Many who had participated in past Goofball events were planning their trip down earlier in the week as well, so we felt it a little with registrations this year.
When the it was time to get on the road, we ran into a little rain, which caused a few drivers to skip the Middle Tennessee stop. For those who braved the puddles, we had a great breakfast at Nobody’s BBQ in Murfreesboro, gave away a few prizes and got on the road. Our police escort never showed up, guess they thought the rain cancelled our event…

The lower turnout made getting the caravan onto the interstate a bit easier, but the rain and a bit of traffic allowed the cruise to be separated as we left Murfreesboro. By the time we made it to the Chattanooga stop, we had pretty much regrouped. While stopping for fuel and snacks, we gave away a few more prizes, including a few sr83 shirts, some swag from OEMsquared, MF Automotive, Grip Royal and 129Euro, a gift certificate from Borla and two free performance ECU upgrades from APR Tuned.

We arrived in Helen, making great time. Goofballers dispersed to their hotels, houses, condos and campsites. With so many early arrivals, the town was already blanketed with ridiculously amazing cars from all over the country. I found my way to a friend’s rental house on the most heavily traveled street of the event, where cold beer, good food and great times awaited. While I was excited to spend time with some friends and girlfriend, I knew the event just wouldn’t be the same for me if I didn’t bring along some gear.

The intent wasn’t to ‘cover’ the event, more to just enjoy shooting again, not really caring what the result. Luckily, any prospective one on one shoots fell through, giving me more time to walk the event and catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in what seemed like years, all while snapping candid shots of cars I had watched build threads for over the winter, as well as a few surprises.

I hope you enjoy the photos from my stroll around the event and town as much as I enjoyed being there and taking them.


2013 Mk3 GTG

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