Worthersee Tour 2019 – Volkswagen of America | Orchid Euro

August 16, 2019 0 By Josh

It was extremely humbling to be contacted by Jamie @ Orchid Euro to produce content for Volkswagen of America on his 2019 Worthersee Tour.
On this project, I worked alongside Volkswagen’s brand managers and enthusiast experience specialists to capture photos and both film and edit videos to represent the enthusiast segment of the brand. This required communication with Volkswagen’s legal department to determine what revisions were needed for each deliverable’s release and adjusted filming and editing style to eliminate the need for the same types of changes in future deliverables. From museum visits and private factory tours to enthusiast gatherings and the largest Volkswagen enthusiast event in the world, I created engaging content by interacting with the participants of the tour, the tour’s curator and the representatives of each location that the tour visited, directing them to create the narrative that would accompany the daily (sometimes twice daily) deliverable.
Once the content was approved by the brand managers, enthusiast experience specialists and legal, I uploaded the content directly to the necessary platform (YouTube, Instagram Feed/Story, Facebook).
Ideally, I would liked to have had a little more time to plan for filming and editing the video for each day, but with “run & gun” style shoots, this is what ya get!
All things considered, I’m quite happy with the over all project.